This is your backdrop for your cycling/triathlon holiday. Shun away the rat race, the pollution, the traffic, the day job. Bring your senses alive. Let us coach and train you back to life in the French Alps, life's playground. 
We are the specialists in coached triathlon and cycling training holidays based in the 3 vallees in the French Alps. Our passion for the multi sports coupled with love for the French Alps means that your training holiday and goals matter to us. We want you to surpass your limits whilst being inspired by the greats of the TDF historically battling on these majestic mountains. There is no comparable arena to train and compete in.
The Tri La Tania team are made up of high quality coaches boasting 16 years of experience coaching triathletes and cyclists of all levels and ages. Our coaches have been employed directly by British Triathlon and British Cycling, also fully qualified to Level 3 in both sports.
We provide high quality coached sessions for determined age groupers, keen leisure cyclists/triathletes, young aspiring triathletes/cyclists and complete newcomers to triathlon and cycling. Furthermore, we can provide specific training holidays for youth development and for women and girls only.
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